Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Packers' 2012 schedule released

Ah, yes, the smell of a fresh schedule is in the air! Let the games begin. Well, the preseason games will begin Thursday, Aug. 9 at San Diego. Actually, all the preseason games are on Thursday this year, and all against AFC opponents. The regular season starts a month later, at Lambeau, versus the 49ers in a 3:15 p.m. Sunday game.

The Packers will appear five times in primetime night games, which is the most allowed to any team. They open the season with three out of their four first games at home, but then play only once at home in both October and November. The bye week for the Packers comes this year during Week #10, November 11. Prior to that date, they have the Cardinals at Lambeau and then come out of the bye on the road against the Lions. The Packers finish the season with five games in December, three of which are at home. The Pack finishes the regular season against the ViQueens in the Humpty Dump...or wherever that team is playing this year.

We'll ponder what the implications of this schedule may be over the weeks and months ahead.

For now, here's your schedule, week by week. You can also always find the link in the righthand column under, appropriately, the "Links" heading. If you want a PDF version, you can grab one here, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Go Pack Go!!!

Sept. 9 - 49ers, 3:15

Sept. 13 - Bears, 7:20

Sept. 24 - at Seahawks, 7:30

Sept. 30 - Saints, 3:15

Oct. 7 - at Colts, noon

Oct. 14 - at Texans, 7:20

Oct. 21 - at Rams, noon

Oct. 28 - Jaguars, noon

Nov. 4 - Cardinals, noon

Nov. 11 - Bye

Nov. 18 - at Lions, noon

Nov. 25 - at Giants, 7:20

Dec. 2 - Vikings, noon

Dec. 9 - Lions, 7:20

Dec. 16 - at Bears, noon

Dec. 23 - Titans, noon

Dec. 30 - at Vikings, noon