Sunday, March 18, 2012

Packers Matt Flynn will soon get his free agent deal

Still playing catch up here, Packers fans. Wrote yesterday about the loss in free agency of Pro Bowl center Scott Wells to the Rams. Speculated a bit about how the Packers may try to replace him. (See that post for more.) But thought we'd just do a brief bits and bites thingie (that is official blogger-ese, by the way) about some other things going on with the Green Bay Packers at the moment. Let's begin with another free agent, shall we?

QB Matt Flynn on tour
Perhaps the biggest speculation prior to the start of free agency was whether or not the Pack would franchise tag their backup QB, Matt Flynn, in the hopes of getting something for him when he left. Apparently, without a firm sign-and-trade arrangement in hand (and which more or less violates the spirit of the tag concept anyway), the Packers weren't willing to gamble with a reported $14 million tag on Mr. Flynn. If they couldn't unload Flynn they'd be stuck with the contract. tag and Flynn is on his free agent tour. Likely spots for him to land? Anywhere Peyton Manning doesn't. It has been highly speculated that Flynn would probably wind up in Miami. Yet today, it's reported that 49'ers free agent QB Alex Smith was paying a visit to the Dolphins. Hmmm. The other likely team for Flynn is the Seahawks.

It was generally regarded that most if not all free agent quarterbacks looking for a starting job would wait until Manning signs and then the scramble would begin. Flynn's father, however, has just said that his son's decision will come soon. So perhaps waiting for Manning to sign isn't going to be part of the plan after all.

While Flynn's actual playing time has been brief he's obviously been impressive when given the chance. As in franchise record-setting-game impressive, let's remember. Analysts, however, wonder whether he could hold up for an entire NFL season as a starter. No one knows. (Although I think I remember similar concerns being expressed about a guy currently wearing #12 for the Packers and who has seemed to do pretty well.) But Flynn's smart, has had time to season behind another great quarterback (hmm, where we have seen that model before?), and is ready to lead. I have no clue where he'll wind up. Wherever it is, he certainly won't have the offensive talent around him he had in Green Bay. But I think he'll do well, at least as compared to what passes for quarterbacking in many places in the league. He may or may not wind up being a top-tier QB; many factors determine that, some of which he has no control over. But he'll do well, I believe. And I wish him good luck. He was fun to watch and he was a true security blanket knowing he was behind Aaron Rodgers.

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