Monday, May 01, 2006

Rating the Packers Draft

It appears as if outside observers are more generous at rating the Packers' 2006 draft class than are Packers fans themselves. A poll on the Packers official website ( shows the following as of the time of this posting:
Given their picks and the available players, grade the Packers' moves in the 2006 NFL Draft:
A 28%
B 47%
C 11%
D 2%
F 1%
Too early to grade; time will tell. 8%
Votes: 14,790

Yahoo Sports'writer Charles Robinson, in an article grading all teams, however, has the following to say about the Packers picks:
"High marks – The mass of the class is fantastic – 13 total picks, including five in the top 75. Linebackers A.J. Hawk and Abdul Hodge should be a great tandem for years to come. Tackle Daryn Colledge and center Jason Spitz should eventually develop into starters. Greg Jennings and Cory Rodgers add depth to the receiving crew and should provide what Terrence Murphy would have if he hadn't been injured. Cornerback/wide receiver Will Blackmon offers flexibility and can also be a return specialist. Defensive tackle Johnny Jolly was a great value selection in the sixth round.

Low marks – The Packers started strong, but dropped off with some reaching in Rounds 5 through 7. Two big ones came in the fifth round: Quarterback Ingle Martin was a seventh-round choice on many boards, and tackle Tony Moll was expected to be an undrafted free agent.

Final grade: A"

For what it's worth, he graded the three other NFC North teams with C's. The Pack was only one of three teams in the NFC he graded out with an A and only one of five in the entire NFL.

The real grade, of course, will come at the end of this 2006 season...when we see what impact these players can really have on helping take the Pack back to the NFC North Division Championship and to the playoffs.

Oh, my response in the poll? What do you think?