Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Packers Additions and Deletions

The days immediately after the NFL Draft are still full of activity for teams. They add players that went undrafted and release players who no longer fit. The Packers have been actively involved in both phases of this process.

On Monday, the Pack released: punter Ryan Flinn, kicker Rhys Lloyd, wide receiver Willie Quinnie and linebacker Robert Thomas. The Packers also announced the official signing of CB Charles Woodson to a multi-year contract, as reported earlier.

The undrafted free agent signings the Packers have completed so far include:
Chris Francies, WR, Texas-El Paso
Arliss Beach, RB, Kentucky
Tra Boger, S, Tulane
Josh Bourke, T, Grand Valley State
Shermar Bracey, RB, Arkansas State
A.J. Cooper, TE, North Dakota State
Tim Goodwell, LB, Memphis
Montez Murphy, DE, Baylor

You can read about each of these players here.

Why take note of these undrafted players? Because approximately 20 percent of the NFL is made up of non-drafted players. Initial take -- looking at them on paper only -- would seem to be that those with the best chances (special teams, practice squad, etc.) are: Francies, Bourke and Goodwell...but it really is a crap shoot, isn't it? And not a big bet on the Packers the roll of the dice here is definitely worth the possible upside on any of these players panning out.