Friday, May 26, 2006

Cory Rodgers Busted in Texas

Packers fourth round draft pick, receiver Cory Rodgers, was arrested in Fort Worth, TX, earlier today after allegedly being involved in an altercation at a bar between TCU football team members and gang members. Hmmm, sounds likes a great bar to hang out at, doesn't it?

What is alleged, according to WTMJ Channel 4 News in Milwaukee, is that Rodgers was arrested on charges of carrying and using a concealed weapon. After apparently refusing to sign autographs and buy drinks in the bar, things moved outside where Rodgers is alleged to have fired two gunshots into the air.

This is the second instance so far this year of a Packer being involved in a bar-related incident; defensive back Ahmad Carroll was also allegedly involved in an altercation back in Arkansas.

Here's a tip to immature young men with large bank accounts and equally large egos: stay out of bars! And especially, stay out of bars if you are carrying a gun!!! Just by doing that your trips to the idiot zone will decrease dramatically. 'Nuff said.