Saturday, February 18, 2006

Packers odds of winning next year's Super Bowl: 100-to-1

The early Las Vegas odds on next year's Super Bowl have the Colts as the favorites at 4-to-1 with the Steelers and Patriots next up at 8-to-1 (depending upon which bookmaker's odds you are looking at). The Packers? 'bout 100-to-1. Every other team in the North Division is favored ahead of the Pack. Holy kick in the groin, Batman! But at least the Saints and 49ers have even worse odds. Small consolation. What does this all mean? Clearly that the odds prognosticators think the Pack is on a downhill slide. They appear to also be assuming that ol' #4 is going to retire, and that the Pack's free agency situation (see yesterday's blog entry) will be a mess. Let's hope that new Coach Mike McCarthy can prove the oddsmakers wrong.