Monday, February 20, 2006

Aikman Thinks Favre Will Retire

In an AP interview, former Cowboys QB, current TV analyst, and newly-elected Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman (whew!) says he thinks Packers QB Brett Favre will retire. Not because he still can't play; Aikman says he believes Favre is still one of the best QBs in the game. Rather, he thinks the Pack's struggles this last season and perhaps going forward in the next year or two, will play into Favre's decision. He compared where Favre's at in his career with where he himself was at the end of his career. "Health was a small factor in my decision," Aikman said. "But it had more to do with, I just didn't think that we were doing what was necessary to be competitive any longer. And I know that Brett is dealing with that currently." He continued, "I don't know then if you ever get back to the level of 100 percent commitment to say, 'Yeah, this is what I want to do,"' Aikman said. "Because usually what happens is that no matter how good your season is, you always go through periods where it's a struggle. The best years we had, with our Super Bowls, we had periods where things were tight. When you're not 100 percent committed, then when you hit those periods, and you're asking yourself, 'Why am I doing this?' And I don't know if you can have your quarterback asking some of those questions."

You can read the entire story here.